Our Services in detail

Workstation Support

Workstation Support

Today’s offices operate a range of different devices as their staff’s “Workstations” ranging from tower computers, to laptops and notebooks to handheld devices. All of these provide a great way of improving productivity – provided they work! Your dedicated Friendlyware technician can provide support for all kinds of hardware and operating systems Windows, Linux or iOS and different technologies PC and Macs.

Remote Support

More than 90% of our support is done remotely allowing us to help resolve the issue quicker and more efficiently. Friendlyware pioneered the Bomgar remote support solution here in Australia well before it became mainstream. For more complex cases – like virus infections or connection problems where remote support is not possible – we can come out to you or you can bring the “sick baby” in to the office for treatment.

Server Support

Server Support

Servers are the hub of any IT system and store information that is accessed throughout an organisation. We maintain hardware from major suppliers including HP, IBM and Fujitsu across every available operating system including Microsoft Servers 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2019 Small Business Servers/Standard and Linux.

As a certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist we know how to most effectively deploy Microsoft products to fulfill our customer’s needs.


We are one of the first IT support companies in Australia to introduce VMWare virtualisation software into small businesses. Many of our clients run two, three or more virtual servers on the same computer hardware using this technology. We have recently expanded our scope to also include the Microsoft Hypervisor technology to our client base where appropriate.

Networking Support

Networking Support

We live in a connected world allowing us to communicate and work across the whole world. There are many components and systems involved in keeping us connected including workstations, cabling, switches, routers and servers.

It is good to know that one company can take care of the lot. At Friendlyware our support does not end with the installation of workstations and servers – we help your entire network connect securely and are on stand-by to ensure that the connection is maintained.

We support customers with interstate and international subsidiaries to provide secure data access across their business. We work with infrastructure provided by TPG, Telstra, Optus and Exetel to interlink their offices and allow users to access data as if they were at the head office.

Should there be any issues with internal networks or external connections we will troubleshoot the cause to get your business back up and running as soon as possible.

IT Management

General IT Management

The day-to-day management of IT, including maintaining IT resources, tracking and renewing licences, liaising with third-party vendors, running IT and communication projects is time consuming. We can help to manage those tasks on your behalf.

We can also help with creating a strategic IT Plan to improve your IT systems and resources over time and consulting regularly with your management team on implementation.

Life cycle management

We monitor all of your IT resources to help manage their efficiency and make adjustment when needed. We also help you plan for and integrate upgrades over time to ensure smooth maintenance of the whole IT system.


We can actively monitor all servers (and workstations) and attend to problems often even before they affect your business. We provide m to keep an eye on potential problems before they arise.

Tailored Services

We can help you select and implement the best available technologies for your business to help you manage your business processes. This could be exploring options for migration to the cloud or specific products like SharePoint.

We can also conduct security audits to investigate data leakages.

Cyber Security


Cyber Security is one of the most important IT considerations for organisations currently.

We look after both the technological and human defences to help our customers build a holistic barrier against Cyber-attacks.

We manage your Firewall, anti-virus, spam filter and backups to ensure you have the right systems in place to both avoid the threat of a cyber-attack and mitigate the potential impact.


Friendlyware employs proven solutions to maintain and backup your servers – including off-site backup for complete piece of mind. We even have stand by servers available in the event that you encounter a complete outage.

Cyber Security User Training

New kinds of threats:

Most Australian organisations have set up online security measures such as firewalls, anti-virus protection and back-up.

Because of this, hackers are increasingly targeting organisations on their new defensive weak spot: their employees.

Through social engineering attacks hackers contact employees and look for ways to pry into your companies networks.
All it takes is one click.

Once in, hackers can lock down your network and demand ransom to release it.

Whilst its tempting to think “it’ll never happen to me”, the chances of attack are high with the Australian Cyber Security Centre receiving 144 reports of cybercrime everyday from SMBs with an estimated annual cost of $300 million.

How we can help:

The best way of reducing the risk from online threats is to continuously test and train your employees to build their skills in identifying red flags and increase awareness of potential threats.

Friendlyware have partnered with the world’s leading Online Security Training Program – KnowBe4, to provide tailored testing and training to Australian Businesses. We offer:

Online based Training modules – Regular, short module based training ensures staff can fit the training in around their existing workloads.

Mock phishing attacks – Simulated email attacks provide an assessment of your team’s defenses and help train them for future attacks.

Regular and ongoing training plans – Training is based on a curriculum to ensure staff are trained on the range of skills required and are continuously improving those skills.

Reporting on employee results – Regular reporting provides you with an overview of your team’s performance, improvements and gaps.


Cloud Support

Great improvements in connectivity in Australia have brought with them the ease of access to information everywhere. The world-wide-web was only the beginning of an information sharing revolution that is still very much developing today. We can help you reap the benefits of moving your data, application “to the cloud”.

Many of our customers are already using private cloud technology that – combined with virtualisation – allows small companies to operate more cost effectively. Cloud based backup solutions are part of our standard offering – even our smallest businesses customers with just 5-10 users take advantage of it on a daily basis.

Most of our users have cloud-based virus and spam protection, and to host servers in Australia early 2015, the uptake of Office 365 has been astonishing. We partner with large providers that offer cost effective solutions for both Exchange and Office365.

It is our mission to support you on the transition path to the cloud to best meet your business’s requirements. This may also be a longer-term journey starting with a hybrid system for the time being depending on your businesses’ requirements.