Hako Australia – Cyber Security Upgrade


Hako Australia is a subsidiary the German Hako group, a solution specialist for future oriented cleaning and municipal equipment. Hako has been present in Australia for over 20 years and is enjoying continuous growth and popularity amongst its customer base all over Australia.


Hako tasked us with reviewing and holistically improving their Cybersecurity. This was in response to the recent increase in Cyber-attacks in Australia and new laws passed in Europe mandating additional online security measures.


We conducted an analysis of Hakos’s existing infastructure and capabilities including hardware, software and human factors. Based on this we implemented a four stage plan:

  1. Upgrade Internet firewall with a NextGen Sophos security device.
  2. Implement web- and intrusion protection measures on the firewall
  3. Provide users with ongoing up-to-date online security training
  4. Certifying training outcomes and testing.

The upgrade of the firewall was implemented outside office hours to limit the impact on staff productivity, and was fine-tuned over a week.

Staff security training was initially seen as a non-mandatory, however after we conducted “phishing” testing we identified multiple skill and knowledge gaps. We implemented an online security training program that is fully managed by Friendlyware on an ongoing basis. The program is delived via the KnowBe4 platform and allows for individualized, online based testing and training allowing for content tailoring and flexibilty.

The wholistic approach to Cybersecurity which included equipment as well as humans, greatly enhanced their resilience to Cyber-attacks. Certification of users help meeting the requirements of European companies (and their subsidiaries) with Cyber-awareness.